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Brutal Bargain by M. James PDF

Brutal Bargain by M. James PDF

Download Brutal Bargain by M. James PDF book free online. Gone forever, just like the innocence I gave away. I’ve been handed over to the man I feared more than anything else—and I quickly learn that there are shadows even I don’t yet know to be afraid of. A man named Javier Aguilar, the feared bride tamer, whose job is to break me to Diego’s will. A man that I’m not sure even Niall can save me from—if he even cares what happens to me any longer.

But there’s a secret still to be discovered, one that Niall will do anything to protect. I have one chance to try to make my betrayal right, even as he fights to save me despite it all—and if we want to survive?

About the Author

M. James writes dark, delicious romance featuring strong heroines and the damaged heroes who fall for them. Her books will leave you on the edge of a cliff begging for more, but a happily-ever-after is guaranteed every time—they’re just going to have to fight for it.

She resides in a suburb of Chicago, but lives for the big moments that make life interesting. Although writing brings her passion and her most darkest fantasies alive, raising a family of four brings her joy in the most purest way. Nonetheless, getting lost in a dark, mafia romance along with a tall glass of wine can make any day a bit juicier.

Download Brutal Bargain by M. James PDF

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