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Enchanting Her Mate by Ivy Knox Pdf

Enchanting Her Mate by Ivy Knox Pdf

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All Jo ever wanted was to support her coven and use her powers for good, but after she accidentally hurts a member of the clan, she goes into exile while trying to get a grip on her magic.

Two centuries ago, Jobaki, the most powerful Hexrin in the coven, and Tibik agreed that he would be their leader despite the Prime being the strongest wielder of magic. Now Tibik has turned the role into a dictatorship over the coven. Jobaki longs to assume the title but is too afraid to confront him, not because she thinks he’s more powerful, but because she fears failure of any kind.

Alussanai, sister to Nirossanai, has lived her fearless, care-free life in the jungle with her bird companion for years. When she lays eyes on Jobaki, she realizes how lonely she is. Desire for Jo consumes Alu to the point she schemes to get Jo to her home in the jungle. There they find passion neither have experienced. But reality comes crashing through the door.

How can Alu, with her untethered, free spirit and larger-than-life presence, restrain herself to the highly structured and contained life Jo lives? How can Jo exist in a constant state of terror, knowing one slip up and Alu could be killed during one of her brazen, fearless antics? Can their love conquer the fear that threatens to keep them apart?

Enchanting Her Mate is the sixth installment in the Aliens of Oluura series, featuring a same-sex love story (FF) between a genetically modified dragon shifter who is incapable of feeling fear, and an alien witch too timid to embrace her power.

If you like sexy aliens, steamy love scenes, and happily ever afters, you’ll love this series!

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