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F*ck Anxiety by Lauren Douglas PDF

F*ck Anxiety by Lauren Douglas PDF

Download F*ck Anxiety by Lauren Douglas PDF book free. A beautifully illustrated, irreverent guide to breaking out of the anxious thought patterns that hold us back. This little self-help book contains 101 anxiety spiral-stopping exercises, inspiring pep talks, and calm-the-F-down activities. With a no f*cks given tone, research-backed therapeutic techniques, and fun, fresh illustration, F*ck Anxiety will help you take control over your anxious thought patterns and make you laugh at the same time.

Divided into six chapters—the first two will help kick that anxiety spiral in it’s scrawny ass, and the next four help build and flex anti-anxiety powers on the daily—F*ck Anxiety covers the following:

  • Get Out of Your Head in Ten Minutes or Less
  • Get Stubborn Against a Longer Spiral
  • Do These Eight Things Every Day—You Deserve It!
  • A Grab Bag of Ways to Be Amazing to You
  • Truths + Tending for Shitty Situations
  • Hush Up, It’s Time for Your Daily Moment of Zen

In addition, the book also includes an explanation of how anxiety works, as well as recommendations for additional tools and practices. 

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