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Her Rockstar Deal by Kristen Jaye Pdf

Her Rockstar Deal by Kristen Jaye Pdf

Download Her Rockstar Deal by Kristen Jaye Pdf book free. I should know better than to want Bret Starling. But I need him.

My stepbrother is the only person I know who can connect me with the real estate mogul who owns the land that’s perfect for my wildlife sanctuary. I exhausted every last option before I knocked on Bret’s door, and he knows he has me exactly where he wants me.

So we make a deal. He’ll help me if we pick up where we left off, playing a dangerous game, pushing each other’s limits.

Everything is different on Bret’s turf. He’s back with his band, and he’s given his fans an all-access pass to his life. But when the wrong video goes viral, our secrets are all over the internet.

This isn’t a game anymore, and there’s more than just my reputation on the line. I should’ve known better than to put my future in Bret’s hands.

But now, I think I’ve fallen for him. And he’s more than ready to up the ante.

Her Rockstar Deal was originally published as “Exposed” by Kristen Strassel.

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