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Kings of Seduction by M.O. Absinthe Pdf

Download Kings of Seduction by M.O. Absinthe Pdf.The blurb below contains major spoilers for book 2 of The Pleasure Room series.
I advise you to read book1 and book2 before scrolling down.
Proceed at your own risk!

I was weak, but now I am strong.

I was mistreated and it is time they have a taste of their own poisons.
They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
That’s exactly where they sent me— to hell. But I came back being a devil myself.
It’s not about revenge— it’s about getting my kings to seek redemption.
The pieces they have broken may not have rearranged themselves exactly as they wanted, creating something far more dangerous than they’ve ever planned for — a queen seeking for her Kings of Seduction!

I’ve decided to play their games, because in reality that is where their games end, and mine begins.
The only question that remains is: are there going to be any real winners this time?

Kings of Seduction is a dark college bully reverse harem romance and is Book3 of The Pleasure Room series.
This book contains material that may be sensitive to some readers and it’s addressed to a mature audience.

No angels allowed between these lines, no Prince Charming, just sinful desires.

The Kings of Seduction is not recommended for the weak of heart or for those who are looking for a perfect love story. This book is dark, twisted, pushing boundaries and imagination.

With three different kings, this book has it all: dystopian romance reverse harem, reverse harem mafia dark romance, reverse harem academy bully dark romance, dark reverse harem royal romance.

Please, read the trigger warning inside the book!

This is the kind of book you hide under a pillow when someone comes into the room.

The Pleasure Room series reading order
1. Kings of Desire
2. Kings of Lust
3. Kings of Seduction

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