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Lyrical by Bea Paige PDF

Lyrical by Bea Paige PDF

Download Lyrical by Bea Paige PDF book free online. To make matters worse, my psychotic brother wants something too. I must befriend the Breakers and find out what they’re up to. If I refuse, my brother will hurt the one person I love more than life itself. I cannot allow that to happen. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

Dance was always the cure to our pain; the foundations of our friendship and love. It brought us together once before. Can I go through the cycle of friendship, love, and heartache all over again? Will I survive the Breakers a second time? Will they survive me?

About the Author

Bea Paige lives a very secretive life in London… she likes red wine and Haribo’s (preferably together) and occasionally swings around poles when the mood takes her. Bea loves to write about love and all the different facets of such a powerful emotion. When she’s not writing about love and passion, you’ll find her reading it and ugly crying.

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