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Rescued By the Alien Gladiator by Carlotta Page Pdf

Download Rescued By the Alien Gladiator by Carlotta Page Pdf book free. Emery’s whole world has fallen apart …
I was just beginning to get my life together when I was abducted by aliens and dumped on a deserted planet with four other women. Believe it or not, finding a way back to Earth isn’t currently my biggest problem. Nope, I’ve gotten myself separated from the others and trapped in a cave with a huge male alien who doesn’t understand a word I say.

Torksten’s world is threatening to implode …
For seven long years I fought in the arena as a gladiator slave. Now I am free, and I have made a new life for myself on a deserted planet in deep space, away from everyone else’s problems. That is, until a ship crash lands in my forest and Emeryel stumbles into my cave. Soon I am questioning whether being alone is really what I want. But how can I contemplate a life with Emeryel when her very presence threatens my stolen freedom?

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