Sabinus set to Sue Peak Milk, Demands 1 Billion Naira

Mr Funny aka Sabinus, a Nigerian comedian, is planning to sue Peak Milk for 1 billion Naira and Gala for 100 million Naira for utilizing his intellectual property without his permission.

Sabinus set to Sue Peak Milk, Demands 1 Billion Naira

The comedian disclosed in a statement made by his legal team that the two corporations utilized his image and content in advertisements and promotions for their products. All of this is taking place without his knowledge or permission.

The Gala Company (UAC Food LTD) created an animated image of their client to promote their business, and it received a lot of attention.

Sabinus and his legal team are preparing to sue Peak Milk for one billion naira and Gala for one hundred million naira (DETAIL)

Peak Milk Company (Friesland Foods Wamco Nigeria PLC), on the other hand, utilized the trademarked tagline “Something Hooge” to advertise and promote its Peal Milk product.

The legal team urged them not to use anything belonging to Sabinus without his agreement or authority while demanding 1 billion naira and 100 million naira from Peak Milk and Gala Company, respectively.

They gave the two corporations a 14-day deadline to comply with their demands. If you don’t cooperate, we’ll take you to court to seek justice for intellectual property theft and infringement of our client’s intellectual property rights.

Read the full statement below;

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