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Taste Me by H. L. Muller Pdf

Download Taste Me by H. L. Muller Pdf book free. Julian: I had a plan. Pretend to be someone I’m not so I could spend the night with the famous rock star that I am obsessed with. What could possibly go wrong? Apparently, everything. I wake up finding my whole world turned upside down. Now I have to find my footing without falling even further down the rabbit hole.

Tom: I never really understood what the obsession with hooking up was about. It always seemed like more effort than it was worth, especially once we got famous. Then I had to make sure it wasn’t going to come back and bite me in the arse, like it did for some of my brothers. Until one night when I finally experience lust at first sight. My feelings no longer make sense, and I find myself screwing up everything I do. My drunken antics made a mess and I don’t know if I want to clean it up or experiment with what my life could be like with a little bit of change.

**Taste Me is a slow burn and steamy 30K romance, filled with 18+ content, great music, and first experiences on their way to a HEA. This is the fourth book in the Fly By Boys series, the series is in chronological order but can be read as a stand alone novels. This is an M/M bi-awakening romance.

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