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Unexpected Queen by Mink Pdf

Unexpected Queen by Mink Pdf

Download Unexpected Queen by Mink Pdf book free. I agreed to marry a woman I’ve never met for one reason only—to become part of the Larone family, the most powerful mafia name in this city. My bride was never important to me. Sure, I’d treat her fine and keep her at arm’s length, but this was never going to be a love match. Until I heard her smart mouth. Until I saw her. Until I lifted her veil and looked into her eyes.

That was it for me. I went from being a made man to a man who would do anything for Angelica Larone. Do I care that she says she’s only waiting around for me to die so she can have my empire? No. Because this thing between us—it’s real. I’m going to show her just how real on our wedding night and every night after that. The only problem? Marrying a Larone has put a target on my back, and Angelica is right in the crosshairs.

MINK’s Note: Get a coffee and a kitty for this love story our heroine and hero never saw coming.

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